Online Quran Learning For Kids

Why Online Quran Learning For Kids is Compulsory?

Our primary goal is to teach children and ambitious female sisters that how to learn Holy Quran in Online Quran Learning course. A free trial period is provided to interested students before registration. So, they can assess our services. This free trial is based on a limited number of lessons. Students and learners are expected to evaluate our teaching methods during the trial classes.

There are a number of our female sisters, in particular, who embraced Islam at a young age or who want to refresh their knowledge. For our sisters, we provide online courses. If going to the mosque or Madrassah becomes inconvenient, you can easily get a lesson online. Our qualified female tutors work hard to assist such a female sister through online courses. Aside from that, our female teachers guide our sisters for personal assistance from an Islamic perspective in other courses.

What You will Learn in Online Quran Learning Course?

This course will teach students how to pronounce the Arabic alphabet and then gradually progress to joining letters to form words. They will learn the fundamentals of Quran recitation. The student will be able to read directly from the Quran by the end of this course. This is known as the Online Quran Learning course. 

Perks of Learning Quran online

Our tutor will be available online during scheduled sessions. You must also be available for one-on-one classes. The teacher will call you on Skype to share the screen, and you will be able to see the Holy Quran on your laptop or device that you are using to take the class. 

Availability of female teachers 

There are hundreds of Female Sisters in various countries who want to read the Quran but are unable to do so due to a lack of adequate resources. Our Quran Academy employs female teachers who have earned tajweed and hafiza certificates from reputable institutions. Muslim female sisters can now attend regular online classes from the comfort of their homes.

Learning objectives of Online Quran Learning Course:

The correct pronunciation of words, both alphabetically and grammatically, is one of the fundamentals of the Quran. The course outline of the Online Quran Learning is structured in such a way that the reader learns to read the Quran with fluency and correct tajweed. This course has been designed specifically for both children and beginners. The student first goes through Noorani Qaida, which is taught by our professional teachers. In this manner, a student can become acquainted with how to read the Quran without making grammatical errors.

  1. Arabic Alphabets
  2. Harakat (Short Vowels)  
  3. Joining the letters together 
  4. Sukoon & Saakinah letters 
  5. Tanween
  6. Madd Letters
  7. Shaddah
  8. Reading Practice
  9. Examination
  10. Others

Who Can Join This Course?

As this course provides an exciting and good environment for all of the students whether they are adults or children hence, it is ideal for all beginners. It is also appropriate for students aged 5 and up, as they will learn to recite with accuracy and precision. Get start with the Noorani Qaida course to learn the Quran and to read Arabic and confidently recite the Holy Quran in a short period.

This is the best course for you if you are learning Arabic and Quran for the first time because it is designed for beginners. Students will be able to correctly read the Quran by the end of this course. First of all, students will practice by reading a lot of examples and verses of the Quran from beginners Qaida, and then they move to the Holy Quran Book and begin reading Quran until they do perfect reading, and then they move on to the next step, which is reading Quran with Tajweed.

Learning Quran is compulsory for everybody

Everything is seen through the Quran, and we will, in general, be able to become a genuine nation in the same way. The Book of Allah Almighty teaches us to be honorable human beings who accept positive employment in the open field. The authentic message of Islam, and specifically the Book of the Supreme Being, can energize us in understanding these messages. In the Holy Book, Learn Quran with Tajweed, the Supreme Being adored Muslims due to the well-known fact that they are the most straight-forward nation. In any case, this disservice is that if Muslims are not receptive to the lessons of the Holy Book, how can they be sensible Muslims?

We’d prefer to attend the appropriate Quran Sessions and the fundamental one is Online Quran Learning. Many Muslims feel a burden to go to madrassa and take lessons there. There are various explanations for it. Taking online Quran classes is a fantastic idea for this problem.