Online Read Quran with Tajweeed

This course provides students to recite Quran with flow, correct implementation of tajweed rules and proper disbursement of haroof. In the days of Prophet ﷺ there was no need to learn tajweed because they spoke with tajweed but we now a days speaks different languages that is why we need to learn tajweed so that we can recite the Quran in its proper way. It is nessesary for every muslim to learn the recitation of Quran but with correct pronunciation that is for we designed this course. it includes:

  • Mukharij.
  • Rules of Raa and Laam.
  • Rules of Qaaf.
  • Haroof.
  • Haroof-e-mustaliah.
  • Rules of Meem.
  • Rules of Alif.
  • Waqaf.
  • Qalqala.