Online Quran For Beginners

In this course Quranic Online Classes  will teach you Noorani Qaida. A Noorani Qaida is the basic manual to learn Arabic lanuage. It comprises of Arabic alphabets with tajweed i-e, correct propunciation of Quran. In Noorani Qaida we teach students the basic rules of Arabic lanuage that will improve their skills of reading Quran. It is really helpfull for new muslim kids and adults who wants to learn to read Quran and don’t know the Arabic language. We provide you with best teachers the friendly enviornment of learning Quran.

In this course you’ll learn:
Basic Arabic Alphabets
• Harakat (Short Vowels)
• Huroof Maddah)
• Tanween
• Huroof Lennah
• Noon Sakinah
• Rules of every Huroof
• Noon Qutni
• Waqaf

For reciting Quran you should have to learn Quran from the beginning. Our Qualified Male and Female teachers will teach you in flexible timings in a week.