Online Islamic Studies for Kids

Live Quran Classes will teach you Online Islamic Studies for Kids in which your kids will learn about the Basic Pillars Of Islam that what messages Allah gave us through the Prophets (SAW) or Quran. We will teach them the how to offer a prayer 5 times a day.

What your kids will learn in this course?
• Basics of Islam
• How to offer prayer 5 times a day
• Hadith-e-pak
• How our Beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) spent his whole life and how can they follow that Sunnat e Nabwi.
• Blessings of every month in Islam.
• About Muharram ul Haram
• How other Prophets (SAW) of Allah spend their life and what lesson they gave us.

We have the best professional Male and Female Quranic Tutors, who are proficient in multiple languages (English, Urdu and Arabic etc.).
In this course we provide Online Islamic Studies For kids by which they will learn many things of Islam and Quran from our qualified Quran Teachers. We are providing free trial for 3 days for your satisfaction